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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Marine Ball

The birthday of the United States Marine Corps is celebrated throughout the world with formal balls. Because Marines provide the security at embassies, the ball is an anticipated event throughout the world.

In years past I've read about other friends attending the balls, looked at their pictures on facebook and just generally dreamed of my own “Cinderella” moment – the fancy dress, make-up, hair and the general atmosphere. You know I love it!

This was my first ball. We really weren't sure who we knew was going to be attending, but we bought tickets anyway. I had a lovely afternoon primping and getting ready. My little mice (the girls) did my hair and scurried around to find me the perfect scarf and hair jewels. Chad put on his tux and together (with the help of youtube) we got his bow tie tied. The girls “oohed” and “awed” over us before sending us off in our pumpkin, I mean armored embassy van.

I stepped out of the van (a bit difficult with a long dress and spiky shoes) to sea of women in long gowns and men in formal military uniforms and tuxedos. We entered, handed in our tickets and did the “oh so elegant” spread eagle while having the security team wave a wand around us.

We did some socializing, found our seats, watched a video presentation on 9/11 and the Marine Corps presence, listened to some speeches, ate, socialized some more then looked at our watches. Suddenly the evening had passed before us and the clock was about to chime midnight. Yawning, we accepted a ride home with friends.

Now that I've turned back into a normal person and gotten a bit of sleep, I think of the evening I enjoyed with my husband wistfully - being dolled up a bit and feeling special. It's not an everyday thing and that's what makes it special!

- Kris

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  1. You look beautiful! I have heard of these balls and am so glad you got to go.