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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Glutenous rice desert

At Silin night market there is an elderly deaf couple who have a little portable cart in the middle of one of the aisles.  There is always a line of people waiting to get these little, gelatinous, rice desserts. People mingle and watch as they do the steps, oh so quickly.

The scoop some rice powder into this wooden cup.

Add some shaved peanuts or sesame seeds.

Tap down, put a wooden lid on.

Put cup on top of a dowel that somehow sends steam into the cup.

Within a few moments, the rice powder has become a sticky, gelatinous mass.

My favorite are the peanut because they are a little bit sweeter.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Ice Cream Burritos

We enjoy spending a Fri. or Sat. evening walking around a night market.  We tend to end up at Shilin night market.  We go for the atmosphere and food.  Here are some pictures of my favorite food at the night market!  I think they are called Ice Cream Spring Rolls, but I immediately dubbed them Burritos!

This is a solid block of peanuts and sugar.  A nice layers is shaved off the top.

Two scoops of ice cream.

Add some more shaved sweet peanuts to the top.  The secret ingredient is fresh cilantro!  You would never guess it, but it adds a refreshing flavor to the sweet ice-cream and peanuts.

Wrap it up!