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Friday, June 29, 2012


At church we had a spanish pastor. I didn't understand a word. The songs were in spanish too. They had the words to the songs on a projector but it was still really hard to follow. When the pastor said a verse in the bible my cousins would understand and tell me where. It made it a bit easier to know what they were talking about at least. Afterward I tried some colombian cake, it was soggy but good.
Andrew Hunt in Colombia

Monserrate mountain

When we went up Monserrate I had trouble breathing do to the altitude. On the mountain is when I tried most of the weird foods of colombia. We went to a market up in the mountain. To get up the mountain we took a train. To get down the mountain we took a cable car. It is very pretty up there in the mountains and you get a good view over the city. Some of the most weird foods I tried up there were blood sausage, intestines, and many more. Yuck!
Trying Ants
They tasted like nuts, better than I thought.

Blood Sausage

Cocaine Tea
I didn't really like it.

Elena and I up on the mountain. A beautiful view of the city.

Aunt Kris taking a picture of me with the
intestine after I tried it. You can tell I was
terrified after that.
Elena, Maddie and I eating.
The orange soda was a delicious drink called Colombiana.
It tasted sort of like bubble gum. 

Trying a Colombian tamale. YUM!!!!
Looking in the market at Monserrate (the mountain)

Going up the mountain in the train.
Damon, Me, Elena and Maddie.

Andrew Hunt in Colombia

Flying Alone

Flying alone was scary at first but then I started to enjoy it. I started looking out the window, I was looking down at the clouds and it looked like heaven.  This was the first time I had flown since I was a baby. My Mom hates flying and has also scared me into thinking it was bad until now. Now I love flying. When I got off the plane in Bogota some people showed me where to go. I was easier than I thought it would be. Uncle Chad found me in the customs line and soon we were out. We were greeted by Aunt Kris, Maddie and Elena.

Andrew Hunt in Colombia

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Orphanage

On my first full day in Colombia Aunt Kris brought me to an orphanage. At the orphanage I fed some younger kids. Afterwards we went and played with them. One of the boys got attached to me. He asked if i was coming back the next day. Sadly i couldn't come back. He about was about 4 years old and didn't speak any English. He reminded me a lot of Aaron my brother and it was really sad leaving him behind. I never found out his name but I would love to see him again.

Andrew Hunt in Colombia

Colombian Foods

Pony Malta pop

Coca tea (yes from the cocaine plant)

Colombian Tamale

I've tried  many new foods in Colombia. I've eaten intestines, blood sausage, tamales, colombiana, pony malta, colombian fruit juice, coca tea, churros, arepa, chorizo, ants, plantain and some candy.

Intestines- I did't know what I was eating but as soon as it touched my tongue I spit it out.
Blood sausage- Uncle Chad told me it was just rice inside of the casing, very true but after I found out the juice was blood.
Tamales- Wrapped in banana leaves, inside was a delicious mixture of chicken, corn meal, corn and some spices.
Colombiana- A Colombian soda that tastes sort of like bubble gum. Yum!
Pony Malta- A Colombian drink that I actually liked but nobody but the Colombians do.
Fruit Juice- I tried two different kinds of juices made from Colombian fruits. One was very good but the other was sour.
Coca tea- I didn't know until after but it is made out of cocain leaves. It was disgusting.
Churros- Yummy fried dough covered in sugar.
Arepa- A bland Colombian bread made much better with cheese in it.
Chorizo- A tasty sausage but you wouldn't expect it in the U.S.
Ants- Better than I thought, they just tasted like peanuts.
Plantain- Looks like a banana but it tastes horrible.
Candy- I tried a good sucker and a Turrone de Mani. It was like vanilla stuff with peanuts inside.
Blood Sausage

Tripe - otherwise known as intestines
Andrew Hunt in Colombia