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Sunday, January 27, 2013

From the Driver's Seat

It's never dull driving a car around here.  I've lost some of my favorite photos of things I've seen along the roads, so I thought I'd better take some time to record what the drive is really like here in Bogota.

People selling fruit along the road.
People weed-wacking the grass.  Lawn mowers are not believed in here in Bogota.
People selling stuff.  They  have their timing down perfect.  The light turns red and they run down the row of cars throwing their stuff on your windshield or window then they run back and collect it before the light turns green.  I've seen lots of this stuff being bought while waiting for the light to turn.
Stop light performers.  They are amazingly talented and entertaining.  Several shows can be seen while trying to make it through just one light.
Pot holes.  I've gotten photos of much larger and deeper holes but can't find them.  The majority of  my energy driving is spent not hitting one of these suckers.
People pulling carts if they can't afford a horse.  This one was piled particularly high so it took a puller and a pusher.
Amazing Architecture
Lottery tickets for sale
Dog walkers with large groups of dogs
I always wondered what inspired Dr. Seuss' book "Go Dog Go" .  Now I know! 
Horses pulling carts 
People selling things out of their car.  In this case fish.  Why not?
Alters to Mary
Lots of graffiti and people painting it!
Meat cooking
What I call an inverted pothole.  Gotta watch out for these suckers!

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