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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Dragon Dance

Dragon Dance performances are popular in Taiwan on Chinese New Year's Day to celebrate the new year and symbolize good luck to the people.

Elena and I went to the Grand Hyatt to see their show.  We were not disappointed.  

It began with streamers of firecracker being lit off, then the drummers began.

A team of children danced with spools, tossing and catching them on string.

The dragon chases a spherical object that represents a pearl or wisdom.

The Dragon Dance is very acrobatic.  A team of boys hold the long dragon on poles.  What you see the boys doing under the dragon is just as interesting as the artistic flow of the dragon himself.  At times they stand on one another simply to create interest in their structure.  Every movement is beautiful to watch.

The Lion Dance is another traditional Chinese dance often performed during Chinese New Year.  Two dancers form each lion.  The first Lion Dance had two lions dancing with each other.  The dancers stand on their partner's shoulders to extend the lion.  I several of these performances outside businesses and malls over the holiday.

The second Lion Dance was unique.  The lion, manned by two people, danced atop small wooden platforms.  It jumped back and forth and spun around.  This lion ate the traditional greens, offered in a bowl, to represent wealth and fortune.  He was also fed a "hong bao" or red envelope which holds a gift of money which is a payment for the blessing of the lion.  At the end the lion threw candy into the audience for the kids.

A sprig of bamboo on this drum to bring good luck.

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