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Monday, November 10, 2008

The Old Church

We have been working on manners at dinner.  Things like put your napkin on your lap and don’t sit on your knees.  But the biggest problem was not putting your elbows on the table.  So as a reward, on Sat. the 8th we went to Napier for dinner to a nice restaurant called The Old Church (it really was an old church).  After a long day of shopping we changed into our nice clothes and we were on our way to The Old Church.  Mom and Dad had already been there, so they were quite familiar with it.  It was a very big and beautiful church.   Once we got inside we were led to our seats, which were very big and comfy.   The table looked nice.  We picked out what we wanted, and then the waitress took our drink order.  All us kids got different, fancy, new (to us) drinks.  They were all very cool fun, fruity drinks!  When our food finally arrived it looked very fancy and it looked pretty good!  I did not really like the fettuccine, so Dad gave me some of his yummy, juicy steak! (Yum!)  After we had finished eating our dinner, we ordered dessert! (My favorite!)  They were very fancy and they looked the best!!  They had put looong pointed sticks on the tops of them that they had made out of caramel!

-Elena and Maddie

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  1. What a beautiful church and what a beautiful family. That is a great reward for having good manners.