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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Many people have asked us if we would be celebrating Thanksgiving this year.  I had this brilliant idea of throwing an American Thanksgiving feast to share with our friends.   The main item needed was a turkey.  As turkeys are considered a bit of a rodent here, I have never seen one for sale in the grocery store but they are running around all over the place, so that didn't seem too difficult.  Our friend Russell took Chad and Damon hunting for a turkey one day with the promise that I wouldn't make him eat it.  They shot several with Damon apparently doing quiet well.  Upon examination they determined that there wasn't enough meat on any of them (because it is spring) to justify bringing one home to me.  Not having a turkey took care of the problem of who was going to have to pluck the feathers out of it when Chad got home!  So without a turkey I gave up on the idea of having a Thanksgiving feast.  Turns out we have a Christmas party on Thanksgiving anyway.  I think I will bake a pumpkin pie (although the weather has me a bit turned around and what I am really craving is a lemon meringue pie) and take it up to Chad's office!
I hope each of you enjoys the holiday weekend with your family, remembering all we have each been given in the past year.

No Worries - Kris

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  1. Yeah, I am very conditioned by the seasons. Having snow for Thanksgiving was weird, but not too bad. It would be freaked with hot weather. I like hot weather, but it wouldn't go with the heavy Thanksgiving meal.