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Saturday, December 6, 2008


On Sunday was our first day of sailing.  Mom, Damon, Elena, and Me went to sailing.  The next time we went was also on a Sunday.  The boats weren't that big.  We had to tie the sail to the poles with a square knot.  Then we had to put the poles on the boat and put the rope, called a sheet, through the pulleys.  We got the sailboats to the water by putting them on a little trailer and pulling them down to the water.  When the boat was in the water we had to sit on the edge of the boat and hold the rudder and the rope.  When we wanted to turn the boat, we had to put our foot closest to the rudder across the boat and duck under the sail so it didn't hit you and then switch the rudder handle and the rope behind your back, turning so that we faced the pole that the sail was hooked onto.  On the first day we went with somebody who already knew how to do everything.  On our second day, we went by ourselves.  It seemed harder by myself, and there was a lot of wind.

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  1. It definitely helps if there is wind. Is the water warm?