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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Parade

It's beginning to feel a bit like Christmas around here, despite the lack of snow and hot temperatures (80-90F).  Downtown has some lights strung up that go on around 8:30 pm.  Last Fri. night we headed downtown for the Christmas/summer kick off parade.  I had to be there a bit early to be a judge for the floats.  It was fun seeing all the people dressed up, bikes decorated and floats they had made.  Some had Christmas themes, some had summer themes and others were just plain fun.  One of my favorites was AFCO (the local meat co.).  Their truck was decorated for Christmas and each person in the float was dressed from a different country.  They represented the various countries they ship meat to.
After judging I headed over to the lighthouse to meet up with the kids and watch the parade.  The parade began with a bagpipe group followed by the local RV camper's group driving their RV's, other floats, kids on bikes and Santa at the end.  The kids had fun grabbing the candy that was tossed.  After the parade passed (It took about 5 min. to pass) I said "OK kids time to go" and my friend said "Oh no, this is the only parade we get here in Waiora.  It will be coming back again!"  So we stood around and talked for about 20 min. and then sure enough the parade came back again!  That's a small town for you!

No worries - Kris

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