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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Being a small, out of the way town, Wairoa seems to have an eclectic mix of people passing through. A small announcement in the paper stated that the Gypsy's would be here for the weekend. They were a diverse group of people ranging from hippies, to craft makers to spiritualists. People who had drifted together because they enjoyed living on the road, selling their wares and being individuals. Their creativity came through in their campers, personalized and made suitable for living in. They sat around playing an instrument while selling an odd array of items from painted old shoes, home-made clothing, boxes from China and belly-dancing outfits. You could get your nose pierced, a henna tattoo or balloon animal. They came and went with an eccentric air about them, hoping to make just enough money to make it to the next town, and then on to the next.

No worries - Kris

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  1. In France the gypsies are a people group with a king. They are evidently quite organized and will steal an entire house if the owner is away. They travel in expensive cars and RV's and the French wonder if there is drug money involved. To "make peace", each French city donates a parking lot just for the gypsies. When they are passing through, they can stay there for free and hopefully leave the townspeople alone. I saw a group on the parking lot and they seemed very luxurious.