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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


One night we were invited to the beach, Mahia, which is about 40 min. away.  I love going there and this time it was better because we were going with some friends to see if we could find Moko the dolphin!  When we got there, the Vickers (our friends) were already there.  They had brought 2 - 2 person sit on top kayaks!  It was about 5:00 when we got there so immediately my Mom, Dad, Ruth, & Russell went out to see if they could find Moko for us!  Suzelle, Maddie, Damon & I put out some cushions and blankets so we could get warm and watch them go out there!  They all got out there and we were in luck!  Moko was out and nobody else was there with us, so we got Moko all to ourselves.  Moko came up to the boats and he let them pet him and everything but they did not get out of the boats!
Soon they all tried to come in at the same time but Moko decided that he did not want that so he went under my Mom & Dad's boat and kind of picked it up and brought it back out.  My mom screamed!  I did not know what about.  I kept on playing cards with Suzelle and Damon and Maddie.  I only wanted to go in the boat if Moko was out there to play with me!  Russell came back  and Damon went out with him.  Russell and Damon distracted Moko while Mom & Dad came to shore to get Maddie.  Soon enough Russell came in to get Suzelle and they kept on switching until they got me out there.  I was out there for a long time just playing with Moko!
Soon pretty much all the kayaks went in to shore except for Suzelle and Russell but the rest of us were out in the water with our clothes on.  We had lots of fun when we were with Moko.  I went up to Moko and pet him a little, I grabbed onto his top fin and he started to swim.  It was so much fun I could not believe that I was pretty much riding a dolphin!  I think I had a lot of fun when I was swimming around with Moko!


  1. That sounds like so much fun! I have always wanted to swim with a dolphin. Disney Resorts charge lots of money for the experience. You got to do it for free! Give Moko a hug for me.

  2. That is so cool
    i bet it was so fun
    cool pictures