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Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Zorb

When my family went to Rotorua during our two week break from school, one of the things we did was go in the Zorb.  New Zealand is the capital of extreme sports of the world.  Zorb riding was invented in New Zealand.  The Zorb is an 11 foot high inflatable ball that you can see through.  Another ball just like that is inside of it and is seven feet high.  Two feet of air separates them, but tight strings hold them together.  It was cold the day we went.  We had to get in line to sign in on a computer.  Then we could put on our swimsuits.  We had to wait for the van to come to bring us to the top of the hill.  While we waited, we watched the other people come down.  If you go down the hill by yourself, you go down the curvy path.  If you go down with another person, you go down a straight path.  Damon, Elena and I went down together.  There was warm water in the Zorb.  Damon dove through the opening of the Zorb first, then Elena crawled through, and then me.  We felt a push and then down the hill we went.  We were splashing and rolling around.  I tried to sit up, but I just fell right back down again!  I was riding backward most of the time!  When we finally got down to the bottom of the hill we got out in the same order we got in.  It was like going down a water slide when I slid out of the Zorb.  We had a picture taken in front of the Zorb.  Elena and Damon went down two more times by themselves on the curvy path.  I was too cold!  It was fun though!
- Maddie


  1. hey maddie
    cool pictures i bet it is so fun
    is it warm there?
    it is getting colder here