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Friday, August 28, 2009

The Opera House

In Sydney, Austrailia my family and I went to the Opera House and saw the Opera Aida! The Opera was really nice but late so I fell asleep for about 15 minutes! A day before we went to the Opera we walked the Harbor Bridge in Sydney (somtimes called the "coat hanger") and got a very good veiw of the Opera House!
When we got in the Opera House it was HUGE!!!! It was very busy inside and full of people with food and drinks. When we got into the room were the Opera would be going on it was noisy and starting to fill up with people. We had kind of high seats but they were still good because I could still see everything fine! The Opera was about 3 hours long and had 3 breaks. On stage it was very nice because there was real water up there, only shalow but it was still there!
The auditorium we were in had only cement walls. It was all quite plane around us. The people on stage didn't have to sing very loudly and still their voices would ecco around the room loud and clearl!
Going to the Opera was a lot of fun and was a once in a life time experience so I'm glad we went even though I fell asleep in the end!

-No Worries Elena!

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