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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Zoos we went to in Australia

In Australia we went to two zoos. Both zoos had only animals native to Australia. The first one was in Sydney, the second in Cairns.
We got to see kangaroos eat and pet a kangaroo. They are really soft, they seemed kind of lazy. The kangaroos didn't hop a lot. They used their tale by standing on their back legs and then lifting themselves up with their tales.
We also got to see some koalas and some had joeys on their backs. We pet a koala and it had really thick fur, they were also soft. They were cute and looked cuddly!
We got to feed a cassowary. A cassowary is a bird in the ostrich family. They had blue and green necks and black long fur on their body. They had a horn thing on their head. They had large eggs that were a light green color. The cassowary is an endangered species.
We also saw quoles and they were like a cat and a tasmanian devil together. We got to see them be fed and they were brown and had long tails. They are also endangered.
We got to pet a 1 1/2 year old crocodile, it was smooth with bumps. We also got to go on a boat on a river and watch big crocodiles get fed. They jumped out of the water to get the raw chicken. When they snapped their jaws shut it made a loud biting noise. It was lots of fun.

- Maddie

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