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Monday, January 16, 2012

Acapulco Cliff Divers

In Acapulco one day we went to see the cliff divers, so we got a taxi and drove up there. Once we arrived, we waited in a little air conditioned shop until it was time to buy tickets for the show. After we bought the tickets, we went to a little shaded area where we could see the cliff. There was another place to watch, farther down, but closer to the cliff, and we decided that it would be nice to go down there for the last few dives. There were about six divers. It took awhile for the divers to all jump off of a smaller cliff, cross some water, and climb all the way up the big cliff. Sometimes the water between the two cliffs was really choppy, and the divers held onto a rope until it calmed down enough for them to swim across. One of the divers (a bigger one) went around to the other side of the cliff where he didn't have to climb. We predicted that he would show off and do a fancy jump. A few of the divers climbed up a slightly harder way, and the rest went a little bit more roundabout and easier way, but they all got up eventually. One by one they jumped off. It was a really long jump. Just as we predicted, the bigger one was one of the first, and he did a flip before landing in the water. The divers had to time the jumping just right, they had to make sure the water was at the depth (the water kept going in and out of between the cliffs) they wanted and it had to be calm. The last diver did the best dive–he went all the way to the top of the cliff (the others went a short way below it), and did a flip. It was extremely high. Once the divers did their dive, they climbed out and up to the entrance by the ticket booth. At the end we realized that we had forgotten to go down to the closer place where most of the people were. It would have been cool to see the really high last dive up close, so it was too bad that we didn't go down.

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