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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mud Face

Putting it on
Dark Mud
Light Mud

Family Picture!!!!!

Panama City, Panama is one of the 2 places we traveled to. We stayed there for 1 week on vacation from school and work. Unlike in the United States, in Colombia, we get 1 month off school for Christmas break.
After a couple days at a resort sitting by the pool, just outside of the main Panama City (kind of in the jungle) we headed to finish off our stay in Panama by staying in the city. We wanted to see Panama a little bit so we picked out a few things to do. One of the things we planned to do was to go hiking. The Marriott hotel we were staying at got us a driver to drive us where we wanted to go. (Luckily we got one who spoke a little bit of English!) It took about 1 1/2 hours to get there, but what we originally planned to do didn't work out so we asked the driver where he suggested. He brought us to a place that had natural springs from the ground, making hot mineral water pools. After we payed for it, we found out that included a mud mask for your face! It had to be done before soaking in the pools. There were two different kinds of mud, a darker one for more sensitive skin and a lighter one that was just for normal skin. Mom did it first, covering her face in the lighter mud. When she finished she looked pretty funny! Maddie and I stepped up next, Maddie at the darker mud and I at the lighter. We applied it carefully all around our faces and soon it was Damon and Dads turn. Damon did the the lighter, and Dad decided to do spots of both all around his face! After that you were supposed to wait for it to dry, (which took around 10 minutes) and then wash it off. Mom and Dad got impatient and washed it off almost immediately, so that they could go and sit in the mineral water pools. Damon, Maddie, and I weren't so fast to remove it though. We wanted the whole thing to dry on our faces, even if it meant sitting around for what felt like forever! The mud dried in interesting patterns on our faces becoming lighter when it dried, and hardened. We had to try hard to not laugh though because it cracked when we did. (Which just made it even harder not to!) Finally we couldn't wait any longer and with most of it dried, we washed it off and went to sit in the mineral water pools.

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