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Saturday, January 21, 2012

WARNING: horses are not as comfortable as they may look.

Yes, We rode horses. We were in Mexico, and riding horses on the beach sounded enjoyable. Mom, Maddie and Elena had already gone once and they could not seem to talk of anything else. The next time Elena and I went. I thought that I would try it, you never know, it could be fun. When we started we only walked, and that was fine, but when we began to trot, I realized why people sometimes complain about riding horses. It felt like your back was going to be broken into a thousand small pieces. Elena tried to give me some helpful horse insight, telling me I had to go up and down, and get the feel for the rhythm of the horse. This did not help. To avoid this pain I only galloped and walked. This was not the best first experience I have ever had. The second time I did not want to go, but mom thought I should go. You see, I do not enjoy intentionally inflicting pain on myself. Never the less I went. This time I had more fun. I stuck to my strategy of not trotting and that helped a lot. We galloped most of the time. I liked my horse, it was fast. When we turned around and started down the beach back towards where we began. My horse suddenly grew wings and began to fly. Not really, but he did start galloping a lot faster. Maddie and Elena who have been taking horse riding lessons, were left in the dust. My horse was so fast that I had to stop frequently to let them catch up. When we all arrived back at the tent they gave me a new horse, and told us to continue riding in the direction we were going. My new horse was slow and required a whip, which at first made him jump when I used it. Soon I got use to the whip and I could use it while galloping. My horse was again faster than the girls. Despite the blisters on my hands that are still healing, it was a lot of fun. I still don't like trotting though.

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  1. My son had the same experience, but my daughter loved it!