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Monday, January 23, 2012

A Day on the Ice

Sitting here at the computer warmed by the sun streaming through the window, I tend to forget that it is winter back home. Every year over Christmas break I come up with a list of things to keep us busy during the break. It was no different here, especially considering the kids got a full month off school.
One of the malls in town set-up an ice skating rink. Maddie especially loves ice skating. So one morning we hopped in a taxi and found the mall. After jumping through the hoops of “spend $50.00 in the mall and get your tickets for 1/8th the price” the girls laced up their skates and headed onto the ice.
I loved sitting there for their hour watching them skate around passing neon-lit trees. Most of the kids out there didn't have a clue how to skate. What brought memories of a fun past-time from home is a new adventure for the kids around here.
- Kris

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