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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


We did say that we would not have any animals here but... we do, we have a cat and we named him Mooch.  Mooch really just came to our door and adopted us!  His favorite place to sleep is right up by the fire where it is burning hot, but I guess he does not really care.  We do not know if Mooch is a boy or girl so we just call him a him!   Mooch sometimes sleeps with us but never, ever for the whole night.  By 5:00 in the morning he is most likely kicked out!  We will not let him stay in our bedrooms because by 4:00 a.m. he is one loud purring machine.  He will  snuggle up to us and just keep on purring so then we just make him leave!  Sometimes he is not doing that he is doing the opposite, playing, meowing or chasing something!  In the day time he is mostly just lying around, but if we are lucky (NOT) he will catch something for us, and when he does my mom is never pleased!
- Elena