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Monday, August 25, 2008


Upon waking this morning Chad declared that I had experienced my first earthquake.
"Huh?"  I said.
"Don't you remember waking me up and asking me to stop shaking the bed?"
"Huh?"  I said.
"I said I wasn't shaking the bed, but you insisted that I was."
"Huh?"  I said.
"Then I heard Damon's bed hitting the wall.  You don't remember this?"
"Huh?"  I said.
I looked around the room trying to make sense of what Chad was saying.  Everything was in place.   Make-up bottles were still standing, maybe things had shifted but I couldn't tell.  I declared there was no way there was an earthquake because everything was fine!  Chad began doubting himself and commented  "Maybe I was having a dream".  We walked out into the kitchen, my Sigg bottle was upside down draining.  Triumphantly I said "There is no way we had an earthquake because this bottle would have tipped over very easily."  I gave the bottle a little flick just to make my  point.  We turned on the news just to see if Chad was dreaming.  Indeed at 11:25 p.m. a 5.9 quake had struck 10km southwest of Hastings at a depth of 30km.  The shake lasted about 20 seconds.  An aftershock of 3.0 was felt a bit later.  So what did that mean to us here in Wairoa?  From what I am hearing around town, "it was a good one."   A shake that woke people up and made them wonder if there were more to come.   The depth and distance softened the shake.  I feel a bit cheated that I didn't actually wake up and remember the shake as everyone else in town seems to have.  
No worries - Kris

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  1. Wow. It sounds like earthquakes are common. You'll probably get to experience another one...maybe awake next time. :)