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Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Rainforest at Morere Hot Springs

When we went to Morere Hot Springs, we went on a walk.  The walk was through one of the last tracts of native rain forest on the east coast of New Zealand.  Rain forests get 68-78 inches of rain per year. The rain forest we were in was a temperate rain forest because of the mild New Zealand climate.  It is part of the community and welcomes more and more visitors every year.  The path that we took was uphill a lot.  We were very tired, but when it started going downhill, the view was very pretty.  We saw a lot of vines hanging down off the palm trees on the path and Dad said we could swing on some if it was flat and the vines were strong enough.  Eventually we did get to swing on some vines.  It was fun, but we swung into the bushes.  Sometimes there was mud and it was really slippery.  I slipped and got mud on me.


  1. Maddie
    The pictures are so cute!
    I bet it was tons of fun!
    did your brother go?

  2. That's an amazing picture. Look at those leaves! Huge! Did you see any snakes? I always think of snakes & rainforests. ( Maybe I watched Junglebook too many times).