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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Olympics

Every two years one county gets the privilege of hosting the Olympics.  This year China had that privilege and they are hosting the Olympic games in Beijing.  I have been watching the Olympics a lot no matter what sport is on.  New Zealand's five best bets at getting gold are as follows:  Mahe Drysdale in rowing - single sculls; Valerie Vili in shot put; Rob Waddell and Nathen Cohen in rowing - double sculls; Sarah Walker in BMX and Tom Ashley in board sailing.  After just recently checking USA has 20 medals, China has 17 and New Zealand has 0.  One of the things the world looks forward to seeing from New Zealand is the Haka.  Many male athletes do this before they compete.   New Zealand has one channel dedicated to the Olympics with no commercials.  Another channel mainly plays Olympic coverage.  American coverage focuses on sports Americans excel at.  Here in New Zealand we are seeing a wider variety of sports.   Have you ever seen badminton, field hockey, or hand ball in the Olympics?   Well, we get to see those sports and many more.


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