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Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Morere Hot Springs

New Zealand's Morere hot springs are special because they are one of the world's most refreshing hot springs due to to their unique mineral waters.  The springs give 250,000 liters a day of ancient sea water.  The water comes from a break in the earth's crust running across the valley.  The water is piped into the pools that we sat in!  There was a little smell to the water because of the minerals from the earth.  The water looked hot, it was steaming and it had little flakes of earth in it and it did not look nice and way different than normal water!  When we got in it was petty hot but not too hot.  There were two pools so we got into the other pool and it was a lot hotter than the other pool. We switched back and forth between the two pools!  When we were done we could see the steam on each other!!!